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  • Claim: Jonah died, and then rose again
  • Author: Bminor87
  • Written: 4 years ago
  • Category: Biblical Exegesis
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Jonah died, and then rose again


It is clear that Jonah was swallowed by a huge fish. This makes many skeptics question the reliability of the Bible, because they cannot believe someone could survive inside a fish for 3 days.

But David Pawson raises an interesting point saying, that perhaps Jonah didn't survive inside the fish: He was already dead when he got there1.

As a proof of this we can take chapter 2 where we find Jonah's prayer. Yes it says he prayed it inside the fish, but maybe that was just after he was raised from the dead, and about to be vomited out by the fish?

He does pray saying that he was in Sheol (Jonah 2:2), and thanks God that He raised his life up from the pit (Jonah 2:6). He also praises God for deliverance, but that could also mean he thinks the fish was sent for his deliverance.

  1. Pawson, J. David. "Jonah." Unlocking the Bible. London: Collins, 2003. Print.

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Jonah didn't die but he visited hades

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