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  • Claim: Jonah didn't die but he visited hades
  • Author: Jesse
  • Written: 5 years ago
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  • Answer to: Jonah died, and then rose again

Jonah didn't die but he visited hades


Bminor87 claimed that Jonah died and rose again. It is an interesting claim, as it is one that probably only few have heard or thought about.

But the Bible doesn't seem to be bothered about telling us that he actually died, which is interesting. Every time someone had died and rose again, it was very explicitly told. See 2 Kings 4:32-37 for example.

It is a good point that the prayer in Jonah 2 seems to suggest that he was in hades. But that doesn't necessarily mean he was dead.

If we can believe God raised Jonah from the dead, we can just as well believe he was preserved inside the belly of a huge fish. Maybe he had a near-death experience instead of actually dying?

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