What is Berean Study?

In Acts 17:10-12 Luke told us what happened in a town called Berea, when Paul went there to preach the good news. The Jews in Berea listened attentively to what Paul was proclaiming, and they studied the Scriptures to see whether what Paul claimed was true or not.

Here in Berean Study we, as a community, make claims about what the Bible teaches, and we study the Bible carefully to see whether those claims are true or not.

Anyone can make a claim or give an answer to a claim, as long as the answers or propositions are defended with honesty and a respect to the authority of God's Word.

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When you post something, please:

  • Offend only arguments, not the people making the arguments.
  • Write only about the claim you are making, or the claim you are answering to. Do not advertise.
  • Write only about topics concerning the Bible and Theology.
  • Write only one answer to a certain claim, and do not make two identical claims.

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